Separating AI cybersecurity hype from reality

Georgetown University research analyst cuts through marketing lingo to explain promising use cases
In this episode of “The Buzz,” Bank Automation News speaks with cybersecurity research analyst Micah Musser of Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technologies, and a co-author of the recent report, “Machine Learning and Cyber Security: Hype and Reality” about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in creating sophisticated attacks.  

AI and ML could be leveraged to coordinate spear-phishing attacks that target specific people, or even to build malware that could navigate networks, to analyze what to infect as it goes, Musser tells BAN. However, “could” is the operative word there. There is much speculation as to how AI and ML could be used, but how can financial institutions separate the hype from reality?   

Musser shares some of the ways AI and ML could potentially be used to both accomplish cyberattacks and heighten security. As it turns out, some of the techniques marketed by vendors as AI and ML have been around for 20 years. In this week’s podcast, Musser breaks down what is overhyped and what is not — and how financial institutions can separate marketing fiction from cybersecurity reality. 

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