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Cloud migration ‘a must’ for FIs

Listen as Temenos’ Rodrigo Silva discusses the future of the cloud in banking, what clients are requesting and how to approach cloud migration. 

Mastercard developing gen AI tool for businesses

Listen to Jane Prokop discuss how Mastercard is creating solutions to help SMBs and how the company aims to use new technologies like AI to drive business growth.

Grasshopper CEO Butler talks growth

Listen as Grasshopper CEO Mike Butler discusses how the digital bank competes for deposits through customer retention efforts and investment in customer experience.  

Digital bank grows account volumes by 420%

Listen as Fintel Connect CEO Nicky Senyard discusses how financial institutions can grow account volume, bring acquisition costs down and gain overall deposits. 

Citizens approach to new tech

Listen as Citizen's Jo Wyper discusses how to approach generative AI and new innovations the commercial bank is working on for 2024.  

Jack Henry's incoming CEO talks 4 tenets of leadership

Listen as Jack Henry's Greg Adelson discusses his transition into the role of CEO.  

How to operationalize a bank

Listen as Savana COO Emily Steele discusses how banks can use technology to create efficient and consistent processes throughout their operations. 

FIs invest in digital experiences, AI and data

Listen as Fiserv's Dudley White discusses the digital experiences financial institutions are developing to meet client expectations. 

AI, RPA, fraud detection, data sharing enhancements in 2024

Listen as Chargebacks911 CEO Monica Eaton shares what tech she is watching in 2024. 

Emerging tech key to long-term success for FIs

Listen as Episode Six CEO John Mitchell addresses how FIs can best approach modernization, the 2024 tech trends to monitor, and the recent evolution of technology in t...

Gen AI can provide FIs up to 90% automation

Listen as WorkFusion's Adam Famularo shares how financial institutions can leverage digital workers and AI to drive efficiency within the organization. 

Deploying AI in underwriting

Listen as Zest AI CEO Mike de Vere tells how credit unions are improving the underwriting process with AI. 

Smart wallet opportunities for FIs

Softserve's Rishi Chohan discusses the opportunities that digital wallets present to FIs. 

Lazard saves 100K hours annually with UiPath

Listen as UiPath’s Graham Sheldon discusses how financial institutions can improve operations by automating mundane tasks with AI and generative AI.  

3 technologies banks need now

Listen as Bottomline Technologies’ Kevin Pettet discusses the “must-have” technologies banks need to support business clients.  

Fighting AI-driven fraud with AI

Listen as Trustfull’s Alex Tonello discusses the ways in which fraudsters are using AI — and how FIs can protect their clients. 

FedNow or RTP? Maybe both

 Listen to “the Buzz” as Alkami's Jeff Bucher explains how FIs can best approach integrating FedNow and RTP. 

Why an FI’s digital maturity matters

Listen as Robin Smith explains Praxent’s digital maturity model.

IBM studies embedded finance

Listen as Shanker Ramamurthy discusses embedded finance, open banking and how FIs can approach new regulation.  

Approaching AI with a plan

Listen as Mission Lane's Mike Lempner discusses AI uses at the fintech, monitoring risk and maintaining compliance when implementing new technology throughout a financ...

Managing payments pressure

Listen as Sunbit CEO Arad Levertov discusses with “The Buzz” how to navigate a high-rate environment with consumers and technology at the forefront.  

Neobanks fight fraud with rich data points

Listen as Seon’s Chief Revenue Officer Matt DeLauro discusses how neobanks can prepare their operations to proactively fight fraud. 

Tech can help access client feedback, monitor engagement

Listen as Broadridge’s Debbie Miglaw discusses how banks can improve the customer experience by leaning on data and insights.  

Grasshopper Bank adds to its startup offerings

Listen as Grasshopper’s Chris Tremont discusses the digital bank’s latest solution and its continued effort to support startup banking. 

Data analytics, automation help FIs better understand customer sentiment

Listen as Qualtric’s Dmitry Binkevich discusses how FIs can use technology to drive change within their organizations based on applicable customer data. 

Consumers gravitate toward AI-driven banks

Listen as Archway Software's Dustin Hubbard discusses AI use cases, maintaining competitiveness in the space and the future of AI in finance. 

FIs should view AI as a team member

Listen as Kasisto’s Lindsay Soergel discusses intelligent digital assistants, treating AI as a team member and how FIs can bring personality into the technology. 

The importance of embedded financial payments

 Listen as Wisetack’s Bobby Tzekin discusses embedded finance with BAN Editor Whitney McDonald. 

Using AI to identify fraud

‘The Buzz’ speaks with AML RightSource CTO Phil McLaughlin 

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