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The latest CX trend in digital banking is on-screen voice

Author and CEO Dan Michaeli on the biggest mistake FIs make in digital experience

Bank overtakes Facebook in hackers’ playbook

How Covid-19 made banks popular phishing targets Facebook for years may have topped cybersecurity firm Vade’s “Phishers’ Favorites,” a report of the most impersonated brands in phishing attacks, but the $2 trillion Credit Agricole bank recently edged out the social media giant with 17,755 unique phishing URLs. Facebook’s topple from the No. 1 spot was a surprise, Adrien Gendre, chief product officer at the AI-based cybersecurity firm, tells Bank Automation News in this week’s episode of “The Buzz.”

Despite fintech rush, most payment options are still manual

PayNearMe’s Steve Kramer on reducing customer friction with automation

Temenos on cores, clouds and a virtual COO

Americas president discusses why banks are modernizing and new offerings Banks of all levels, from large global firms to credit unions and challenger banks, are expressing interest in modernizing their core, Temenos Americas President Jacqueline White tells Bank Automation News in this week’s episode of “The Buzz” podcast.

Banks deploy bots to ease mergers and acquisitions

Engineer with RPA vendor Nintex shares use cases, best practices Banks use robotic process automation (RPA) to merge back-end systems after acquisitions and are starting to automate more self-help for customers. That’s in addition to the more common use case of automating the creation of customer accounts, says Jesse McHargue, senior solutions engineer with RPA company Nintex, in this week’s episode of “The Buzz.”

Automation Anywhere expands support for citizen developer programs

Bank Automation News sits down with the vendor’s new CIO, Sumit Johar, as well as Ken Mertzel, global head of financial services, to discuss how financial institutions can expand citizen development and the automation opportunities banks may be missing.

Startup seeks to leverage AI, automation to reach unbanked population

In this episode of “The Buzz,” Bank Automation News speaks to Alok Prasad, CEO of startup CashRepublic, about using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to help communities of color take advantage of banking services. CashRepublic serves the unbanked currently with two Florida locations where customers can cash checks, make wire transfers and other services. It plans to launch an app later this year.

Separating AI cybersecurity hype from reality

Georgetown University research analyst cuts through marketing lingo to explain promising use cases

How AI can automate and cut the cost for compliance

Definitions, clarifications and other non-obligation material make up 65% of the information in regulations. That leaves a mere 35% that involves an actual obligation, according to reg-tech firm Ascent. That means banks and other regulated industries — and more specifically, their lawyers — spend hours combing through information in search of actionable items, according to Andrew Steioff, senior manager of technology alliances at governance, risk and compliance software vendor LogicGate. The company partners with Ascent to offer an AI-based GSR solution.

How banks can protect themselves against cybersecurity risks

Tassat’s CISO Barbara Kissner details how financial institutions can prevent ransomware attacks Ransomware attacks are on the rise across all industries, with financial institutions being a favored target given the customer information and access to cash. But there are steps every bank can take to ward off this type of cyber risk — as well as phishing and DDoS threats — says Barbara Kissner, chief information security officer at Tassat, a global provider of financial technologies and products for digital payments, in today’s episode of “The Buzz.”

How the FDIC and Duke University are driving bank innovation

Listen as Jimmie Lenz, director, Master of Engineering in FinTech and Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity and Visiting Professor of Financial Economics at the Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University, discusses the arrangement with the FDIC and how the engineering school is facilitating those efforts. Lenz also explains the best ways to prevent and mitigate cyber risks at financial institutions in this Bank Automation News podcast.

Armed Forces Bank’s automation underlies its service-member friendly mission

Armed Forces Bank serves a young, highly decentralized, tech-savvy customer base, and must be available 24/7. Automation and digitalization underly the $1.2 billion bank’s ability to deliver on that mission. For this podcast, Bank Automation News sat down with Chief Operating Officer Tom Kientz and the Director of Military Consumer Lending Jodi Vickery to better understand the role automation plays in serving military customers across the world.

Kearney’s Nagarsheth on internal and customer-facing bank automations

Banks often struggle with how to automate operations or functions deemed essential or strategically different, says Hemal Nagarsheth, associate partner at global management consultancy Kearney, in this episode of “The Buzz” podcast. The Covid-19 pandemic uncovered operational inefficiencies at many financial institutions and in turn compelled the organizations to embrace automation initiatives more quickly, he says.

Leveraging AI to gain Gen Z customers

This week, the Bank Automation News team discusses how identity decisioning platform provider Alloy is using artificial intelligence to attract Generation Z customers. Gen Z, born after 1997, can present a challenge to banks because they generally lack traditional credit and banking services. The BAN team also drilled down on the security risks posed by APIs, which are commonly used to connect banking applications to fintech and data services. These vulnerabilities can put data at risk of being stolen, and can also give attackers a gateway into backend systems, experts say. Gartner this week warned that businesses should take a three-pronged approach to securing APIs.

How AI-enabled automation benefits the KYC process

Alloy’s Charley Ma talks Gen Z onboarding

Weekly Wrap: Erica grows its presence at Bank of America, JPMorgan plays disruptor on digital rails

Bank of America's artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant has graduated from handling customer inquiries to helping financial advisors at Merrill Lynch. While Goldman Sachs eyes a transaction banking expansion into Japan, JPMorgan is hoping digital rails help it play the disruptor role in markets like the U.K. and Brazil.

Weekly Wrap: White House executive order points to stepped up regulation on tech, health care 

Stablecoin issuer Circle looks to go public via a SPAC. This week, the Bank Automation News team discusses the July 9 announcement from the White House regarding stepped-up regulatory efforts to promote competition and enforce antitrust action primarily in the Big Tech and health care sectors.

Weekly Wrap: Federal Reserve vice chair disses digital currency

Banks, Internet companies sound off on whether feds need AI regs This week, Bank Automation News discusses comments made by U.S. Federal Reserve Vice Chair for Supervision Randal Quarles’ to the Utah Bankers Association Convention this week, in which he compared central bank digital currency (CBDC) to the ill-conceived parachute pants of the 1980s.

Automation fintech Blend plots public offering and defining fairness for AI

Blend plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BLND and while legal definitions of fairness might be clear, mathematical aspects are still in flux and that could affect AI-driven lending.

How legal and mathematical notions of fairness affect AI-driven credit underwriting

Janine Hiller of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University on defining fairness in AI-powered credit and how a regulatory approach which combines social and technical expertise may be the way to go for AI governance.

How machine learning reduces false positives in AML

In this podcast, Hawk AI founder and CEO Tobias Schweiger discusses the use of machine learning to eliminate false positives created by AML rules-based engines while stressing that new technologies should be seen as a supplement — not a replacement — for rules-based detection.

Weekly Wrap: China pushes U.S. to take central bank digital currency seriously

This week, Bank Automation News delves into a House committee’s inquiry into a potential central bank digital currency (CBDC), and explored China’s role in prompting the U.S. to explore a CBDC, as well as the U.S. hesitancy to adopt digital currency. The BAN team also explored how neobanks are causing more banks to abandon a major financial institution money maker — overdraft fees.

How to teach ethics to AI models

Stephen Jones of Queen’s University addresses bias in AI Removing bias from artificial intelligence (AI) models may seem as simple as removing demographic information from the data, but it may be more valuable instead to inform the model about the demographics, then weight them to offset bias.

U.S. unveils AI task force and Citrix moves to API-driven treasury management

Bank Automation News goes over the Biden administration’s establishment of an artificial intelligence task force and software firm Citrix's shift to an API-driven treasury management system.

Weekly Wrap: FDIC’s chief innovation officer weighs in on AI

A discussion of where banks stand on using AI for credit decisioning

AI helps banks speed maritime trade compliance

With all the ships at sea at any given time, banks involved in maritime trade transactions find it especially time consuming to pore over shipping logs and confirm whether vessels carrying goods are on a sanction list. Bank Automation News spoke with Ami Daniels, chief executive at Windward, a maritime intelligence company that builds artificial intelligence (AI) models to help banks automate due diligence.

KeyBank ramps up RPA use, Wall Street faces Senate questions and measuring bot value

Bank Automation News spoke with KeyBank on how the Ohio-based financial institution is leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) tools to automate internal processes. Wall street banks took note of their use of automation technology and AI to fight fraud in testimony presented at U.S. Senate hearing and BAN gathered inputs from industry leaders, consultants and practitioners about how financial institutions can extract maximum value out of bot deployment.

Data privacy presents compliance challenges

In this episode of “The Buzz,” Bank Automation News learns that even banks with customer service based in other countries will be challenged to comply with new regulations, according to Evgeny Likhoded, founder and chief executive for at compliance automation company ClauseMatch.

Weekly Wrap: KPIs move beyond counting bots deployed, look to business value

This week, Bank Automation News drilled down on key performance indicators (KPIs) for bots, and process discovery, or the pre-automation analysis of processes.

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