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Banks expect digital banking product delivery will see most innovation

In this episode of "The Buzz" podcast, hear how executives in retail digital banking are least confident in their organizations' ability to create a well-defined innovation strategy and measure the results. Over the next five years, banks expect most innovation to happen in product delivery.

Weekly Wrap discusses findings in Microsoft Frontline Worker survey

In this Weekly Wrap episode of “The Buzz” podcast, the Bank Automation News team talks findings in Microsoft’s Work Trend Index Frontline Workers survey, which found that more than 40% of the global workforce plans on quitting their job this year. The survey also revealed that two-thirds of banking and financial services employees feel supported and pleased about workplace technology.

Real-time payments pose real-time fraud risk

Financial institutions should prepare for widespread use of real-time payments in the coming months, as well as the resulting security risks, group president of enterprise banking at core provider Computer Services Inc. (CSI) shares in this episode of “The Buzz” podcast.

Weekly Wrap looks at core, cloud, regulatory predictions

The Bank Automation News team examines banks' outdated processes that could lead to big fines this year as well as predictions for core and cloud banking services.

Automating loan documents: Tech attorney explains how smart contracts could help banks automate

In this episode of “The Buzz, Bank Automation News speaks with financial services and technology attorney Josias “Joe” Dewey on automating financial contracts. A software developer who is also a partner at the international law firm Holland & Knight, Dewey helps banks automate loan and financial documents. He also co-authored “The Blockchain: A Guide for Legal and Business Professionals.”

Stoplight CTO says early checks prevent 80% of security risk vectors in open APIs

Banks and fintechs implementing open application programming interface (API) builds should look first to security measures as early security and authentication checks prevent up to 80% of risk vectors in API frameworks, Jason Harmon, chief technology officer at API design and development company Stoplight, tells Bank Automation News in this episode of “The Buzz” podcast.

Weekly Wrap examines wholesale CBDC foreign exchange transacting

In this Weekly Wrap episode of "The Buzz" podcast, the Bank Automation News editors discuss HSBC and IBM's use of distributed ledger technology to conduct commercial central bank digital currency (CBDC) transactions, including foreign exchange settlements.

Citizens customers want digital banking with a hint of human interaction

Digital banking usage is up at Citizens, with 90% of consumers and 86% of businesses reporting that they use digital channels for their banking needs — a significant increase over usage during COVID-19 lockdowns, says Beth Johnson, chief experience officer at Citizens Financial Group, in this episode of "The Buzz" podcast.

CEO warns banks must adapt security posture for instant payments

SentiLink co-founder and CEO Naftali Harris tells Bank Automation News how the rise in automated payments adds gravity to the identity verification and fraud prevention ecosystem, details automated fraud prevention processes, and offers predictions for what’s next for fraud in 2022.

How automation and emerging technologies are changing lending

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shut down has led to a significant increase among consumers adopting digital technologies to interact with the world. Now is an especially exciting time for financial services, Vince Passione, CEO of lending platform and online marketplace LendKey, tells Bank Automation News in this episode of "The Buzz” podcast.

Weekly Wrap explores UiPath’s plans for expansion

In this week’s episode of “The Buzz” podcast, the Bank Automation News editors unpack the recent earnings report for robotic process automation company UiPath, and its plans for expanding its solution in a discussion on why UiPath might have mergers and acquisitions ahead.

Weekly Wrap explores lessons learned from Canadian earnings week

Banks turn to the cloud to build new services, leverage infrastructure. In this week’s podcast the Bank Automation News editors discuss the technology lessons that can be gleaned from this week’s earnings calls from the “Big Six” Canadian banks. The Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, National Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce reported earnings. Technology-related announcements played a key role in the calls, with automation, cloud and products that offer personalized financial advice platforms being a focus for the banks.

3 fintechs partner on distributed access to tax refunds

With some $350 billion in U.S. tax refunds given each year, three fintechs have teamed up for Tax Refund Unlock, a new service that offers consumers ongoing, incremental access to the money they would normally receive as a single payment after filing their annual tax returns.

Opportunities in crypto for banks, FIs

As interest and investment in cryptocurrency spikes this year, banks and financial institutions (FIs) must decide whether and how to become involved, or potentially lose revenue and customers if they opt out. This is the message from Lawrence Pruss, senior vice president at Memphis, Tenn.-based Strategic Resource Management (SRM) in this week's episode of "The Buzz" podcast. SRM is a consulting firm for FIs and others in areas such as digital transformation, operational efficiency and payment technology.

Finastra’s head of cloud, core and digital banking talks banking strategy

Embracing blockchain, RegTech and payments among recommendations. In this week’s episode of “The Buzz” podcast, Anand Subbaraman, Finastra’s senior vice president and general manager of cloud, core and digital banking discusses with Bank Automation News three strategies he believes banks need to embrace: a broader product portfolio, new technologies such as blockchain, and regulatory challenges as a business issue.

Weekly Wrap discussion on how Temenos is accelerating innovation

Weekly Wrap discussion on how Temenos is accelerating innovation Core and digital banking provider boosts developer access, highlights use cases In this week's "Weekly Wrap" podcast, the Bank Automation News team discusses some of the latest from core and digital banking solutions provider Temenos gleaned from its SCALE developer conference, where the company showcased how it is fostering innovation and bringing new fintech ideas to market faster.

Weekly Wrap discussion on crypto as an asset or investment

How FIs are deploying crypto and blockchain This week, the Bank Automation News team discusses what banks are doing to make it possible for customers to invest in cryptocurrency and how financial institutions can leverage blockchain beyond crypto.

WorkFusion is focusing on cloud-based strategy

New CEO explains how data plays into automation

How analysis of cross-border payments busted a child trafficking ring

In this week’s episode of the Buzz, Yaron Hazan, vice president of regulatory affairs for cybercrime and big data analytics vendor ThetaRay, breaks down for Bank Automation News how the tool’s machine learning and AI discovered an unusual pattern in cross-border payments processed by a bank. The transactions were labeled as medical tourism but hid a much darker secret - child trafficking.

The latest CX trend in digital banking is on-screen voice

Author and CEO Dan Michaeli on the biggest mistake FIs make in digital experience

Bank overtakes Facebook in hackers’ playbook

How Covid-19 made banks popular phishing targets Facebook for years may have topped cybersecurity firm Vade’s “Phishers’ Favorites,” a report of the most impersonated brands in phishing attacks, but the $2 trillion Credit Agricole bank recently edged out the social media giant with 17,755 unique phishing URLs. Facebook’s topple from the No. 1 spot was a surprise, Adrien Gendre, chief product officer at the AI-based cybersecurity firm, tells Bank Automation News in this week’s episode of “The Buzz.”

Despite fintech rush, most payment options are still manual

PayNearMe’s Steve Kramer on reducing customer friction with automation

Temenos on cores, clouds and a virtual COO

Americas president discusses why banks are modernizing and new offerings Banks of all levels, from large global firms to credit unions and challenger banks, are expressing interest in modernizing their core, Temenos Americas President Jacqueline White tells Bank Automation News in this week’s episode of “The Buzz” podcast.

Banks deploy bots to ease mergers and acquisitions

Engineer with RPA vendor Nintex shares use cases, best practices Banks use robotic process automation (RPA) to merge back-end systems after acquisitions and are starting to automate more self-help for customers. That’s in addition to the more common use case of automating the creation of customer accounts, says Jesse McHargue, senior solutions engineer with RPA company Nintex, in this week’s episode of “The Buzz.”

Automation Anywhere expands support for citizen developer programs

Bank Automation News sits down with the vendor’s new CIO, Sumit Johar, as well as Ken Mertzel, global head of financial services, to discuss how financial institutions can expand citizen development and the automation opportunities banks may be missing.

Startup seeks to leverage AI, automation to reach unbanked population

In this episode of “The Buzz,” Bank Automation News speaks to Alok Prasad, CEO of startup CashRepublic, about using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to help communities of color take advantage of banking services. CashRepublic serves the unbanked currently with two Florida locations where customers can cash checks, make wire transfers and other services. It plans to launch an app later this year.

Separating AI cybersecurity hype from reality

Georgetown University research analyst cuts through marketing lingo to explain promising use cases

How AI can automate and cut the cost for compliance

Definitions, clarifications and other non-obligation material make up 65% of the information in regulations. That leaves a mere 35% that involves an actual obligation, according to reg-tech firm Ascent. That means banks and other regulated industries — and more specifically, their lawyers — spend hours combing through information in search of actionable items, according to Andrew Steioff, senior manager of technology alliances at governance, risk and compliance software vendor LogicGate. The company partners with Ascent to offer an AI-based GSR solution.

How banks can protect themselves against cybersecurity risks

Tassat’s CISO Barbara Kissner details how financial institutions can prevent ransomware attacks Ransomware attacks are on the rise across all industries, with financial institutions being a favored target given the customer information and access to cash. But there are steps every bank can take to ward off this type of cyber risk — as well as phishing and DDoS threats — says Barbara Kissner, chief information security officer at Tassat, a global provider of financial technologies and products for digital payments, in today’s episode of “The Buzz.”

How the FDIC and Duke University are driving bank innovation

Listen as Jimmie Lenz, director, Master of Engineering in FinTech and Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity and Visiting Professor of Financial Economics at the Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University, discusses the arrangement with the FDIC and how the engineering school is facilitating those efforts. Lenz also explains the best ways to prevent and mitigate cyber risks at financial institutions in this Bank Automation News podcast.

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