The latest CX trend in digital banking is on-screen voice

Author and CEO Dan Michaeli on the biggest mistake FIs make in digital experience

The latest trend in digital banking customer experience is adding on-screen voice, which allows customers to switch from chat or other self-serve experiences to speaking with a person within a mobile app or digital banking site. 

In this week’s episode of “The Buzz” podcast, Dan Michaeli, CEO and co-founder of customer service platform Glia, tells Bank Automation News that on-screen voice allows customers to stay within the banking app, webpage or application, and transition to a customer service representative without starting from scratch.  

“Instead of displaying that number and having the customer member dial that phone number and leave the digital banking experience, leave the loan application, leave mobile banking and start from scratch in a telephony centric experience, they can click a button that says ‘talk to us now,’” Michaeli said. “The agent … can see in real time what the customer is doing, and then they can jump in and collaborate with the customer to guide them to resolution.” 

The New York-based Glia, which manages voice, video and browsing solutions and supports several chatbots, in September announced a partnership with financial services-focused chatbot vendor Kasisto

In this podcast, Michaeli and BAN discuss the “holy grail” of digital customer service and the mistake most financial institutions make, when it comes to digital customer service. 

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