Weekly Wrap looks at core, cloud, regulatory predictions

The Bank Automation News team examines banks' outdated processes that could lead to big fines this year as well as predictions for core and cloud banking services.

In this Weekly Wrap episode of "The Buzz" podcast, the Bank Automation News editors unpack  what could become a trend in regulatory fines in 2022 as well as predictions for core and cloud banking.  
The BAN team addresses one automation company's prediction that repeat errors stemming from spreadsheets and other manual process could soon see much bigger fines from U.S. regulators. The team also drills down on core and cloud industry predictions[JC1] [AM2]  and the role microservices will play in financial services this year. 
Tune in for a discussion of these topics and more in today's episode of the Weekly Wrap with BAN Deputy Editor Loraine Lawson and Associate Editors Aaron Marsh and Alijah Poindexter for the week ended Jan. 7, 2022.
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