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Weekly Wrap: China pushes U.S. to take central bank digital currency seriously

This week, Bank Automation News delves into a House committee’s inquiry into a potential central bank digital currency (CBDC), and explored China’s role in prompting the U.S. to explore a CBDC, as well as the U.S. hesitancy to adopt digital currency. The BAN team also explored how neobanks are causing more banks to abandon a major financial institution money maker — overdraft fees.

How to teach ethics to AI models

Stephen Jones of Queen’s University addresses bias in AI Removing bias from artificial intelligence (AI) models may seem as simple as removing demographic information from the data, but it may be more valuable instead to inform the model about the demographics, then weight them to offset bias.

U.S. unveils AI task force and Citrix moves to API-driven treasury management

Bank Automation News goes over the Biden administration’s establishment of an artificial intelligence task force and software firm Citrix's shift to an API-driven treasury management system.

Weekly Wrap: FDIC’s chief innovation officer weighs in on AI

A discussion of where banks stand on using AI for credit decisioning

AI helps banks speed maritime trade compliance

With all the ships at sea at any given time, banks involved in maritime trade transactions find it especially time consuming to pore over shipping logs and confirm whether vessels carrying goods are on a sanction list. Bank Automation News spoke with Ami Daniels, chief executive at Windward, a maritime intelligence company that builds artificial intelligence (AI) models to help banks automate due diligence.

KeyBank ramps up RPA use, Wall Street faces Senate questions and measuring bot value

Bank Automation News spoke with KeyBank on how the Ohio-based financial institution is leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) tools to automate internal processes. Wall street banks took note of their use of automation technology and AI to fight fraud in testimony presented at U.S. Senate hearing and BAN gathered inputs from industry leaders, consultants and practitioners about how financial institutions can extract maximum value out of bot deployment.

Data privacy presents compliance challenges

In this episode of “The Buzz,” Bank Automation News learns that even banks with customer service based in other countries will be challenged to comply with new regulations, according to Evgeny Likhoded, founder and chief executive for at compliance automation company ClauseMatch.

Weekly Wrap: KPIs move beyond counting bots deployed, look to business value

This week, Bank Automation News drilled down on key performance indicators (KPIs) for bots, and process discovery, or the pre-automation analysis of processes.

Weekly Wrap: Banks are targets for randsomware hackers

In this week’s episode of “The Buzz,” Bank Automation News explores the threat of randsomware attacks on financial institutions. Banks are facing the growing cybersecurity threat that shut down the Colonial Pipeline last week and the BAN team discusses how banks can avoid falling victim to similar attacks by ransomware hackers.

OakNorth CIO shares automation trends in commercial lending

Automation more common for commercial loans of less than $1 million.

Automating data management at banks, growing use cases for AI

In this week’s edition of “The Buzz,” Bank Automation News explores data automation and to the extent the to which software can manage data points. One challenge faced by banks in data management is how how to conveniently pull data from multiple sources and pool it so that it can be more effective processing.

Chatbots evolve to be more efficient, helpful to employees

IBM sees chatbots handling 80% of calls: Chatbots are evolving to be more useful for customers and employees. “You are going to start to progressively see chatbots being able to assist, even on things that are a little bit more complicated,” says Likhit Wagle, IBM’s general manager for global banking and financial markets, in this podcast.

Weekly Wrap: Bank automation lags and payments fraud picks up

This week, Bank Automation News explored why banks lag behind other industries when it comes to automation, and also discussed rising losses due to digital payments fraud.

Listen: Explainable artificial intelligence could be game changer for banks

Podcast explores how to map AI decisions with Aerospike’s Stuart Tarmy

How open-banking, RPA and low-code tools will drive automation going forward

Bank Automation News this week looked at the maturation of digitization and automation trends while also exploring how low-code tools might be leveraged by financial institutions going forward. While robotic process automation (RPA) is having a moment in the sun, as seen by RPA vendor UiPath’s debut on public bourses this week, low-code tools and open-banking continue to gain traction.

Bot attacks on rise in US

In this podcast, LexisNexis Risk Solutions VP shares how banks can fight emerging cyber threats Automated bot cyberattacks are on the rise, while human-initiated attacks are down. Bot attacks increased by about 100 million last year, Kimberly Sutherland, vice president of fraud and identity strategy for data analytics company LexisNexis Risk Solutions, tells Bank Automation News in this episode of The Buzz. Human-initiated attacks, by comparison, were down by about 200 million, she said.

Weekly Wrap: Bank, vendor opinions on AI regulations, Envestnet's acquisition

This week, Bank Automation News drilled down on filings with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, examining what banks and vendors have said about the potential for new regulations on artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. Both banks and vendors agreed that more clarification on regulations is necessary to adoption, particularly for small banks that might be looking to leverage third-party providers.

Temenos President Jacqueline White shares lessons learned from digital banks

Temenos President Jacqueline White shares lessons learned from digital banks Legacy systems are holding banks back, but AI can help Consumers are looking for a frictionless customer service experience, but legacy systems may be getting in the way.

Weekly Wrap: Automation in bite-sizes at Wells Fargo and Ally

Automating end-to-end process can be a big bite to chew off. This week, Bank Automation News explored best practice conversations with leaders at Wells Fargo and Ally, who think of automation in smaller pieces — individual building blocks, like Legos, that when put together can create something larger and more significant.

How process mining supports automation

Signavio SVP Alex Day identifies 4 keys to identifying processes prior to automation.

Weekly Wrap: How UiPath’s API play will enable strategic automation and security challenges at credit unions

This week, Bank Automation News digs into how APIs support integration and strategic automation on the heels of UiPath’s announcement of its $40.5 million acquisition of API vendor Cloud Elements.

Automation moves up to the front office, Jack Henry’s Foss says

Automation is moving up from the back office to the front office, where banks are increasingly using automation to sell and interact with customers. The challenge will be to ensure those encounters feel personal, says David Foss, chief executive of financial services at core provider Jack Henry, in this episode of The Buzz podcast.

Blend’s new acquisition and Automation Anywhere joins forces with Google Cloud

This week, Bank Automation News explored the state of automation in mortgage lending and the three stages of intelligent automation, which combines robot process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI).

Fintech chief operating officer shares 3 barriers to bank automation

Legacy systems are one of the financial industry’s top three barriers to automation. That’s why digital banks, which are unencumbered by legacy applications, are often able to do what larger banks can’t — and at a faster pace. In this podcast, Charlie Newark French, chief operating officer for the automation fintech Hyperscience, discusses with Bank Automation News the three main barriers that banks face, but that neobanks do not.

Automation wins big in recent fintech funding rounds

WorkFusion, Flowcast and Zeni raise millions

Finastra survey shows corporate banks expanding along three paths

Corporate banks will strive to become “platform players” in the next four years, a shift that will fundamentally driven by automation. A platform player is a bank that offers a full ecosystem of third-party products and services to clients, one of three paths most commercial banks will pursue, according to Tim Tyler, a senior principal in solutions consulting with financial software provider Finastra.

Bank of America leader talks automation and AI, UiPath Summit takeaways,

This week, Bank Automation News explored the intersection of automation and artificial intelligence, diving into the opportunities and challenges they present. BAN spoke with Bank of America’s newly appointed head of digital to discuss the calculus behind prioritization and how AI and automation, in the form of virtual assistant Erica, are driving customer engagement.

How AI can reduce false positives for fraud

Automation reduces banks’ triage time on flagged transactions.

The future of automation at Wells Fargo, Bank of America files automation patents

This week Bank Automation News took an inside look at automation strategy at the $1.96 trillion Wells Fargo, which has thousands of attended bots and hundreds of unattended bots that save the bank millions of hours on an annual basis.

Weekly Wrap: Banks face daunting cybersecurity risks, Truist invests in AI

This week Bank Automation News explored the biggest risk and security threats in banking, and how some financial institutions are leveraging automated technology to strengthen risk management programs.

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