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How process mining supports automation

Signavio SVP Alex Day identifies 4 keys to identifying processes prior to automation.

Weekly Wrap: How UiPath’s API play will enable strategic automation and security challenges at credit unions

This week, Bank Automation News digs into how APIs support integration and strategic automation on the heels of UiPath’s announcement of its $40.5 million acquisition of API vendor Cloud Elements.

Automation moves up to the front office, Jack Henry’s Foss says

Automation is moving up from the back office to the front office, where banks are increasingly using automation to sell and interact with customers. The challenge will be to ensure those encounters feel personal, says David Foss, chief executive of financial services at core provider Jack Henry, in this episode of The Buzz podcast.

Blend’s new acquisition and Automation Anywhere joins forces with Google Cloud

This week, Bank Automation News explored the state of automation in mortgage lending and the three stages of intelligent automation, which combines robot process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI).

Fintech chief operating officer shares 3 barriers to bank automation

Legacy systems are one of the financial industry’s top three barriers to automation. That’s why digital banks, which are unencumbered by legacy applications, are often able to do what larger banks can’t — and at a faster pace. In this podcast, Charlie Newark French, chief operating officer for the automation fintech Hyperscience, discusses with Bank Automation News the three main barriers that banks face, but that neobanks do not.

Automation wins big in recent fintech funding rounds

WorkFusion, Flowcast and Zeni raise millions

Finastra survey shows corporate banks expanding along three paths

Corporate banks will strive to become “platform players” in the next four years, a shift that will fundamentally driven by automation. A platform player is a bank that offers a full ecosystem of third-party products and services to clients, one of three paths most commercial banks will pursue, according to Tim Tyler, a senior principal in solutions consulting with financial software provider Finastra.

Bank of America leader talks automation and AI, UiPath Summit takeaways,

This week, Bank Automation News explored the intersection of automation and artificial intelligence, diving into the opportunities and challenges they present. BAN spoke with Bank of America’s newly appointed head of digital to discuss the calculus behind prioritization and how AI and automation, in the form of virtual assistant Erica, are driving customer engagement.

How AI can reduce false positives for fraud

Automation reduces banks’ triage time on flagged transactions.

The future of automation at Wells Fargo, Bank of America files automation patents

This week Bank Automation News took an inside look at automation strategy at the $1.96 trillion Wells Fargo, which has thousands of attended bots and hundreds of unattended bots that save the bank millions of hours on an annual basis.

Weekly Wrap: Banks face daunting cybersecurity risks, Truist invests in AI

This week Bank Automation News explored the biggest risk and security threats in banking, and how some financial institutions are leveraging automated technology to strengthen risk management programs.

CRO breaks down risks of automating compliance

Automation can help eliminate risk — if it’s used correctly. But, often it’s not, according to a former managing director with Ernst & Young who has worked with censured banks.

Nice Actimize launches AI-backed tool to thwart false positives

Anti-money laundering and fraud solution provider Nice Actimize announced a new artificial intelligence-driven tool Thursday that it claims will reduce false positives when conducting anti-money laundering (AML) screening on potential customers.

Weekly Wrap: BAN’s new fintech cohort, US Bank Housing Capital Co. Automates construction loans

This week, Bank Automation News unveils its newest cohort of startups that bring global talent and ideas to Fintech Discovery, the publication’s marketing accelerator, along with an overview of the cohort’s five companies and the value proposition they bring to the financial services sector. This week BAN also spoke with Jason Park, president of U.S. Bank Housing Capital Company, about the new automated solution that allows the bank to manage construction loans.

How Sunrise Banks shifted its culture through automation

When COVID-19 hit, Sunrise Banks shifted to a remote environment within 48 hours and it quickly became clear that manual processes weren’t going to work anymore, said Sunrise CIO Brett Cooksey.

Weekly Wrap: RBC and CIBC double down on proactive insights

This week Bank Automation News delved into the growing trend of leveraging AI-based tools to strengthen personal financial management. RBC outlined development plans for its virtual assistant NOMI, and CIBC partnered with MX to proactively and automatically offer customers tailored recommendations based on analyses of financial and transactional data. Meanwhile, BAN spoke with Sunrise Banks CIO Brett Cooksey to learn how the community bank carved out a tech budget to form its automation “strike team.” Find this and more in today’s episode of the Weekly Wrap, featuring Bianca Chan and Loraine Lawson for the week ending Feb. 5, 2021, along with what’s on the horizon for next week.

RPA trends and opportunities for 2021

Attended automation and digital assistants for employees are among the hottest robotic process automation (RPA) trends for the next few years.

Wells Fargo builds out RPA team, Plaid debuts new automation tech

This week, Bank Automation News explored Wells Fargo’s goal to stand up at least 300 automations in the next few years as it looks to expand its robotic processing automation (RPA) team. After making headlines for losing a $5.3 billion deal for acquisition by Visa, data aggregator Plaid unveiled a new beta product this week called “Deposit Switch,” which automates bank direct deposit funding and account switching. Meanwhile, Mastercard has developed a free tool aimed at curbing fraud among SMBs. In this episode of The Buzz, JJ Hornblass, Bianca Chan and Loraine Lawson discuss this news and more for the week ended Jan. 29, and look at what’s in store for next week.

The inside story on why we pivoted to Bank Automation News

This week Bank Automation News launched as a new brand, replacing Bank Innovation. What’s the behind-the-scenes reasoning for the move? During this video podcast, editors JJ Hornblass, Bianca Chan and Loraine Lawson discuss the impetus behind the pivot to BAN, and share insider info as to what readers can expect as we move forward to bring you the latest automation news in the financial sector. Meanwhile, the second round of the Paycheck Protection Program drove industry partnerships between fintechs and financial institutions in a move that pushed automation agendas forward.

Weekly Wrap: Fintechs score big investments, chatbot developments ramp up

This week investors funneled nearly $1 billion to fintechs MX, Blend, Rho Technologies and Rapyd, some of which are teeing up automation initiatives with an eye toward data management. Meanwhile, Temenos reported it is exploring the addition of automated responses for its Engage platform, and Kasisto is working with NCR to bring chatbot technology to smaller financial institutions. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass, Bianca Chan and Garret Reich for the week ending Jan. 15, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: Green Dot debuts neobank, Chase Autosave use surges

This week, Green Dot unveiled GO2bank, its second digital-only bank, the same week BBVA USA announced it was shuttering its neobank, Simple, according to published reports. Green Dot, which has bolstered its app with existing and new automated features, faces an uphill battle as it enters the crowded challenger bank field. Meanwhile, Chase’s automated savings tool is gaining traction, and total amounts saved through the tool have now tripled 2019 figures. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass and Bianca Chan for the week ending Jan. 8, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: Canadian banks make AI investment and INV Fintech launches revamped platform

This week, Canadian banks CIBC and TD made strides with AI and automation technology. CIBC teamed up with IBM to launch its first virtual assistant, and TD leaned into automation for its cybersecurity efforts and introduced a slate of new AI products. Meanwhile, Bank Innovation’s sister venture INV Fintech launched a new platform designed to support the discovery process of banks’ innovation pipelines. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass and Bianca Chan for the week ending Dec. 18, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: Banks boost RPA budgets, and Finastra jumps on KYC automation

This week, Bank Innovation dove into data that shows inefficient business processes are pushing bank employees to want to quit. Meanwhile, another data set showed banks are planning to boost the budget for robotic process automation (RPA) endeavors. And finally, new technology from a Tel Aviv-based fintech is automating the know your customer (KYC) and onboarding process through a partnership with Finastra. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass and Bianca Chan for the week ending Dec. 11, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: Truist CIO Scott Case talks with BI, banks use new feedback for CX

This week, Bank Innovation sat down with Truist CIO Scott Case to discuss his efforts during the merger of BB&T and SunTrust. “As we’re working through the merger, we’re taking the opportunity to modernize as we go, wherever we can,” Case said. Meanwhile, banks all over North America are coming up with new ways to take in customer feedback and improve their mobile apps. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass, Bianca Chan and Rick Morgan for the week ending Dec. 4, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: N26 faces stiff competition, SC strengthens fault tolerance

Amazon Web Services scored big when Standard Chartered selected the Amazon.com subsidiary as a main cloud provider for its core and digital banking systems. The $754 billion bank is anticipating a 20% reduction in technology infrastructure costs by 2025, and is strengthening its fault tolerance by leveraging multiple cloud providers — SC inked a deal with Microsoft Azure in August — and geographically decentralizing regions and availability zones. Meanwhile, N26 is eyeing a credit card for its U.S. operations, according to CFO Maximilian Tayenthal. But the Berlin-based digital bank will face stiff competition if it moves forward with that plan. There’s no shortage of credit products in the U.S. among incumbent banks, let alone challengers like Chime, SoFi and MoneyLion, which already offer credit products. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass and Bianca Chan for the week ending Nov. 20, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: Takeaways from Banking Automation Summit

This week marked the first-ever Banking Automation Summit, which featured speakers from PNC, Wells Fargo, Truist, Citi and other financial institutions. The conference touched on topics like lending automation, KYC and AML processes, and optical character recognition. The Bank Innovation team touches on the key takeaways from the event in today's edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass, Bianca Chan and Rick Morgan for the week ending Nov. 13, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: Revisiting the election implications for fintech

While election officials continue to count votes in key battleground states, Bank Innovation editors revisited the 2020 election implications on fintech issues like bank charters, open banking and public credit reporting. This week also saw new numbers from Zelle and Venmo, with the two payments networks reporting third-quarter volume of $84 billion and $44 billion, respectively. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass, Bianca Chan and Rick Morgan for the week ending Nov. 6, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: Banks, startups push automation

Bank Innovation sat down this week with Christian Kitchell, Bank of America’s head of AI solutions who also leads Erica. “Ultimately, what we want to do is be able to get to a universe of one, which is to say, every client will have a unique experience based on their situation, their needs, their relationship with us,” he said. Startups, meanwhile, are targeting customer relations management and consulting functions with artificial intelligence. Ahead of Banking Automation Summit on Nov. 9-10, Bank Innovation editors spoke about the role of automation in financial services and gave a preview to some of the topics to be discussed at the summit. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass, Bianca Chan and Rick Morgan for the week ending Oct. 30, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: API-based data sharing and bank spending take center stage

This week, Bank Innovation sat down with Don Cardinal, managing director of the Financial Data Exchange, to talk about the adoption of API-based data sharing. One way to get more small and mid-size banks to adopt API-based data sharing, according to Cardinal, is to get more core providers using the technology standard. Banks like Regions and Umpqua, meanwhile, are moving ahead with new technology initiatives. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass, Bianca Chan and Rick Morgan for the week ending Oct. 23, 2020.

Weekly Wrap: BofA’s CashPro gains traction, Chase launches kid-friendly product

Third-quarter earnings kicked off this week and, despite the acceleration in digital banking in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, year-over-year adoption of mobile and digital was relatively flat. Bank of America’s CashPro platform — used by businesses to manage payments, invest and receive funds — gained digital traction, with CashPro mobile app logins jumping 54% YoY and online users across commercial, corporate and business banking reaching 500,000. The Charlotte, N.C.-based bank added three new APIs to the platform last week, bringing the platform's offering to more than 50 APIs. Meanwhile, Chase’s new partnership with Greenlight highlighted the fintech’s move into the B2B market and Chase’s renewed interest in age-segmented banking products. Find this and more in today’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, featuring JJ Hornblass and Bianca Chan for the week ending Oct. 16, 2020.

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